Yolanda Webster


M: 0477 888 017

E: professionals@au.lockton.com

Yolanda is well versed in investment insurance, with over 16 years of specialised knowledge and experience  focusing on the real estate and investment space. Yolanda  applies her insurance and risk knowledge and skills to identify, mitigate and transfer risk through insurance programs for investors.

Yolanda  works closely with investors, landlords and Property Managers to help provide risk management and  insurance strategies and solutions.  Yolanda has often presented and addressed many real estate industry related forums and seminars.

Yolanda has a determined focus on customer service and a strong personal desire to build lasting client relationships.  Yolanda’s  passion for risk management, security and wealth creation  is well known in the investment portfolio space, which she shares  via listening to clients’ needs and by imparting information and educating in  risk solutions opportunities.